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Who are we?

Hi lovies.
I’m Tiresha Isabella and together with my fiancé Kishan we travel all over the world.

We are born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Europe
Our roots lie everywhere.
Our parents are born in Surinam (South America) and our origins lie in India (Asia).

Do you already feel the urge to travel? Well, we did!


Stuck in the 9-5.

Living in the Netherlands is expensive!
I graduated in 2014 and Kishan in 2016.
We both had trouble finding a job, and once we had a job.. we were not happy.

I always used to be that one girl who had the perfect grades at Rotterdam University.
Everyone had the biggest hopes for me, but when I had to participate on the job market..
shit just went left.

It took me 11 months to find a job as a sales agent in a callcenter.
Yeah, so far for my Bachelor of Communications degree.

No hate, but I’ve always been the biggest nerd and I was that girl who was coding websites
at age 16, while all my other friends were having fun outside.
I was that one girl who downloaded a crack Adobe Photoshop (sorry Adobe!)
when I was 14…. and I absolutely loved it!


When you realise some heavy shit.

We always wanted to do something for ourselves but never knew what.
We both wanted freedom and the ability to work with who we want, and where we want.
After our first vacation to Egypt in April 2017 we knew it. We wanted more.
We were two sad puppies who just wanted to leave the Netherlands and explore the world.

I realised that I haven’t been on vacation in almost four years.

I was busy working and saving up.
We realised that something had to change.

One day, we quit our jobs to travel the world.
Since September 1st 2017 we’re free.


Come join us on the our journey, more to come!

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