ADANIA SKINCARE : luxury organic natural skincare.

Adania is a Malaysian skincare brand founded in 2014.
The owners have been operating since 2010 in the spa world of Kuala Lumpur. Over the years they opened a spa with natural and organic products for those who were looking for healthier skincare options, and so Adania was born in 2014.

Aside from their skincare products that are available in serval stores in the Kuala Lumpur area, ADANIA still offers their organic facial spa’s in different salons around Kuala Lumpur. Check:

What I personally love about Adania:
‘’Beauty is not something that is artificially made in the laboratory, it is something cultivated right from the earth. The natural ingredients are carefully selected from high-quality ingredients. ADANIA promotes a natural, fresh and clean beauty care.’’ – ADANIA’s Values & Principles.


I could not have said it better. As you know, I am a BIG fan of brands that care about the people. Brands that invest in organic and eco certified ingredients. Brands that don’t test on animals. Brands that know what is good for you, and what not. SLS, paragons, alcohol, artificial and synthetic chemicals, mineral oil, non-toxic practices are not good for your skin!
All things Adania does not use in their products.

This brand is so commited to make the best, honest and natural products for us while preserving the highest standards. I am so curious to review this!

What I will be reviewing for you guys:

1. ADANIA Luxurious Organic Face Oil
2. ADANIA Luxe Natural Skin Defender ( eco sunscreen)
3. ADANIA Sweet Orange Face Cleanser
4. ADANIA Bergamot & Lime all natural deodorant


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*Two weeks later*
I have tested ADANIA’s skincare products and these are my personal experiences.

ADANIA Luxurious Organic Face Oil
I was probably most excited to try out this baby! Adania’s Luxurious Organic Face Oil is has won an award for multipurpose organic serum by EH Magazine 2017.
Because of my normal to dry skin, I have always been a big lover of face oils, and what is even better than a face oil? Yessss, a natural organic face oil!

I have used the Organic Face Oil as my moisturiser (Yes! You can use it as your moisturiser) and you can also use it as your serum and make-up base all in 1!
It is even so, that face oils made out of premium botanical oils are able to absorb deeper into your skin than your regular, lotion based, moisturisers.
Yes… you are thinking it correctly:  so if the Luxurious Organic Face Oil absorbs better into the skin.. the results are also going to be better, so true!









Skin on day 1                                                                                                                               Skin on day 14

As you can see, it helped clear up my acne rashes on my cheeks. They used to be really red and the redness has reduced a lot. Really happy with these results because I have had these marks in forever (read 1 year or even longer)!


ADANIA Luxe Natural Skin Defender ( eco sunscreen)
Here I come again with the story of my mom; the short version:
When my mom was 50 years, she looked 35. Why? All due to her gorgeous looking skin.
When I was 12 years young I asked my mom what I can do to take proper care of my skin? My mom told me I was way too young for any anti-aging cremes but never too young to apply sunscreen. Then I remembered before that she always used to tell me to wear sunscreen but I never cared about it.. until I knew it’s her secret for that skin.
So since the age of 12, I have been wearing sunscreen probably 350 out of 365 days a year. And whenever I see natural and organic sunscreens.. I gotta have them!

What I love about ADANIA’s Luxe Natural Skin Defender is the UVA and UVB protection and that it works as a base; primer and light foundation.

The eco sunscreen is also not sticky, leaves no shine on my face and no white sunscreen residue. It melts on my skin and I always used this after applying the Luxurious Organic Face Oil first. My skin has not felt dry and I have SPF plus a make up primer, I am happy!



ADANIA Sweet Orange Face Cleanser
Growing up I never cared too much about facial cleansers until I started digging into skincare ingredients because suddenly, at age 23, I started dealing with acne in the middle of my cheeks. As I never dealt with any form of acne, this has been pretty disturbing for me personally and as for now, I still have acne some scars left on my cheeks.

What I really like about the ADANIA Sweet Orange Face Cleanser, aside from the high quality ingredients is that it has a pH level of 9.5 that helps to gently cleanse without drying your skin.
For me, to be completely honest it was hard in the begin. When cleaning, my face felt very dry afterwards and I had no idea why because as I thought.. this product was supposed to gently cleanse without drying my skin.
I decided to still continue with washing my face everyday with the Sweet Orange Face Cleanser.

My face’s pH is probably disturbed and needs some time to get back to the natural 9.5 is what I was telling myself. After 5 days of dry feelings when I used this cleanser I started noticing that it started to feel less and less dry. On day 8 it even felt like I was cleansing my face with a gentle cleanser that does not do any drying to my face.

Seems like I was probably right and just needed to give my skin some time to get used it since I’ve never used an organic cleanser before.


ADANIA Bergamot & Lime all natural deodorant
In my journey to becoming a more health aware person with the foods that I consume and the products I put on my skin, next up for me was deodorant.
We probably all have heard that most drugstore bought deodorants ingredients like aluminums and parabens are linked to breast cancer. Yet, most of us, including myself once, are to ignorant and believe that it will probably never happen to us.

Then again, you can never be too careful when it comes to your health right?
Since 2017 I have been testing out different natural deodorants. I even made some myself and they worked so good until at some point they stopped working. I wish I knew why but I don’t.

I have never been the type of girl that transpires easily , even when I work out.. you won’t see me sweating anytime soon.Whats important to know when using a natural deodorant is to give your body some time to get used to this next new consistency that you’re applying on your armpits.
Some girls don’t need a transitioning period, yet some do. Some need one day, and some two to three days.  This varies per person but keep in mind, if you feel like it’s not working the first day, give it some days and you’ll be happy that you did.

In my case it took me two days to fully get used to the Bergamot & Lime deodorant.

After my two day transitioning period, I was still transpiring when walking outside in sunny and hot Kuala Lumpur, yet I was not smelling any nasty odors. Instead, you smell a softly nice Bergamot and Lime smell, like the name of the deodorant says.
I let my fiancé smell my armpits probably 2/3 times a days to test and we concluded: the Bergamot & Lime deodorant passed, very happy with it!.



Overall I am very impressed with ADANIA’s products as they life up to their expectations. The results have proven that the products work and they leave my skin feeling nicely soft and hydrated.
Thankyou ADANIA.

For more about ADANIA, go to:

And for my international readers: Use TIRESHAXADANIA15 at checkout for a nice 15% off on your oversea orders (exclude shipping)!

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