A few weeks ago in Ubud I was strolling through the cute streets and my eyes catched these pretty products from brand called Bali Balance.

After some research on Google I had to try them out so without thinking, I reached out to Bali Balance and literally the next day, I had my products, so happy!

One of the reasons I wanted to try out Bali Balance’s products is because they are all natural.  Another big reason is that Bali Balance works with local Balinese communities to create their products and what I personally love; the products are paraben and chemical free. Not tested on animals, contain no palm oil or wax and are made according to Swiss standards.

Bali Balance Products
Bali Balance offers a wide section of products like face serums for day and night, raw cold pressed coconut oil, body wash, body mist, body lotions, scrub, sunblock, massage oil, mask, insect repellant, shampoo, conditioner, in short: enough choice!

In this post I will review my experiences with the following products:
– Face Serum 24/7
– Pure Raw Vegan Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
– Sunblock SPF 50
– Body Wash Bliss (jasmine)
– Shampoo Rosemary Coconut
– Conditioner Rosemary Coconut
– Natural Insect Repellant

*Good thing to know: Bali Balance also offers international shipping and has suppliers all over the world.

Bali Balance Skincare

For the past two weeks I have been testing Bali Balance’s products. To keep it simple: natural products just work so much better.
After dealing with my cheek acne that popped up out of nowhere 1,5 years ago.. my skin has cleared up so much! For over a year I tried several solutions to fix that acne, yet none of them worked. I really feel that it has to do with the magic healing powers of the coconut oil in all the products of Bali Balance.


In the Netherlands I remember buying different coconut oils for my skin.. and I’ve always been sceptical. I know, especially in European countries, it is money over health.
So the coconut oil that claims to be 100% raw vegan certified organic blabla, is probably crap and made out of ‘garbage coconut’. It’s hard to know what company you can trust. So it’s a good thing Bali Balance is made in the beautiful Bali where there are enough coconuts and kind hearted people :)!
Just make sure to always check your brand.

Are they proud of how their products are made? Like, really proud?
Then it should be ok instead of a company that claims everything, but has no back up on how it actually is made.. For example, supporting locals?, what about animal testing?, any word on chemicals or parabens? If they say nothing about that on their website.. you already know enough, it’s a NO GO.




On the left you have my skin by the end of March 2018.
On the right you have my skin after two weeks, mid April 2018.









So as you can see, my skin has really cleared up in two weeks, wowie how happy am I.

I love make-up, I just don’t love to wear to wear a lot of it on my face. Just give me eyeliner, brow pencil and lipstick and I’m happy!

Because of the acne that started 1,5 years ago, I was being forced to wear foundation and concealer to cover up my acne. Yeah some would say, don’t wear make-up and embrace your acne, well, no. It makes me insecure. I used to have flawless skin all my life. Everybody always used to compliment me on my skin until that acne popped up.




Face Serum 24/7

I love serums and I for sure love serums based on my big love: coconut oil.
So everyday I loved it to apply the Face Serum 24/7 on my face. You don’t need much product at all and it has a nice soft smell to it, I would describe it as softly coconut citrus scented, I like!



Pure Raw Vegan Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil in my hair, coconut oil on my legs, coconut oil to cook. This Pure Raw Vegan Cold Pressed Coconut Oil from Bali Balance can do it all.
I mostly used Bali Balance’s Coconut Oil on my legs as I had very dry legs.
Now, two weeks later, my legs look so much more hydrated and feel so soft. I love the smell of this Coconut Oil.
I also used this Coconut Oil to brush my teeth with a coconut oil – baking soda mixture for 3 days in a row: no bad morning breath after you use this mixture, thank you coconut oil!



Sunblock SPF 50

I love love love sunblock and my mom (who looked 35 when she was actually 50 at the time) told me at age 12, that sunscreen is her secret ingredient to have youthful looking skin.

The Bali Balance Sunblock feels like a normal moisturiser and leaves no white residue on your face. I really enjoy using this product!







Body Wash Bliss (Jasmine)

I’m going to tell something crazy right now but did you know I have not, I repeat, have not been using any form of shower gel / body wash in the last 2, or even 3 years? Only water.

My reason for this: I’ve read somewhere that (in this case most) drugstore bought shower gels contains alcohol, parabens and more bad chemicals that can harm your skin overtime. I also read something about the chemicals in shower gel interrupting your skins natural pH levels.. I can’t recall it exactly but yeah, some years later no shower gel and I don’t have any weird smells or whatever you might think :).

Initially I let Kishan (my fiancé) try our the Body Wash Bliss, and after 1 or 2 days I noticed his skin felt so soft. I asked him; ‘did you put on body lotion?’ (because he never does that). He told me that he showered with the Bali Balance Body Wash!
And next thing you know… all my next showers I have been enjoying this lovely Jasmine scented Body Wash with baby soft skin as a result.
Now don’t get me wrong. Now I am a fan again of Body Washed but only ORGANIC like Bali Balance’s Body Wash Bliss. I only use one pump of the shower gel and enjoy a nice shower with a lovely jasmine smell and super soft skin afterwards!



Shampoo Rosemary Coconut &  Conditioner Rosemary Coconut








I am a big fan of this shampoo and conditioner.

To be completely honest I used to wash my hair with cheap shampoo and conditioners before as I never really cared about looking into organic and natural haircare.
But in the last few months I did noticed that my hair was looking worse than before.
I bought different products to help with hydration and frizz but nothing helped.

After the first usage of the Bali Balance Rosemary Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner I saw a slight positive difference. After the second usage, even a bigger difference and after my third usage I can say my hair looks so much better.

My frizz has been reduced with 50% and my hair feels more hydrated.
Yes I still use a leave in conditioner and oil after washing but I see the condition of my hair getting better time after time so that makes me a very happy user!
The smell is heavenly and I love how my shampoo mousses when I apply it.



Natural Insect Repellant

What is better than a insect repellant? Yes, an organic insect repellant.
You can already guess that I really like this product because instead of spraying chemicals on your body (what you are most likely to do with cheaper, drug store bought repellants), you are spraying a Natural Insect Repellant with good ingredients that are not harmful to you overtime.

And for some reason, this Insect Repellant has a sort of citrus kinda smell which I really enjoy a lot :).




Wrapping up, I heard there’s going to be a supplier in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, so when I’m back home in Rotterdam, I have a new reason to visit our touristy head capital, Amsterdam!

Go check out more on Bali Balance’s website and treat yourself!

* All my skincare brand collaborations are only with brands that I genuinely support.
* I don’t take money for a review. I only accept products. Several brands have offered me money before and I declined all. My reason: I love skincare. I love writing about and testing out organic skincare products, it is my passion.
* All my reviews are written based on my honest experiences with the brand.


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