Sugarbelle: a luxury cruelty free Malaysian make-up brand.

Founded in 2014, Sugarbelle is a Malaysian cosmetic brand that is fairly new on the market, yet is doing a very good job! Sugarbelle aims to provide great service and easy products that highlight that beauty comes from within, you only need your perfect makeup essentials! Why I personally really like Sugarbelle Cosmetics is because of their homegrown label is… ❀ Continue Reading

Ren Skincare : say no to chemicals and waste!

In this week’s blog I was so fortunate to try out some of REN Skincare’s products while traveling. While I was travelling in Malaysia, I always saw this skincare shop called Kens Apothecary and wanted to buy all the brands they sell, including REN Skincare. REN Skincare focusses on bio-active ingredients since 2000. Their products contain 100% plant-and mineral-derived actives… ❀ Continue Reading