Hilton Rotterdam

Hilton Rotterdam

We got invited by Hilton to stay for one night at their hotel in Rotterdam.

We stayed in Hilton Rotterdam during the Christmas period. In the lobby, there was a giant Christmas tree, actually all over the hotel there were some pretty cute Christmas trees and decorations. I would describe the interior as sophisticated chic, warm browns combined with cremes. Another big plus is that the hotel has a fitness area, I am a fan!

The staff is very helpful, attend and kind. When we we’re drinking a wine in the executive lounge, one of the staff members came over to us for some small talk, we felt very welcomed.

During our stay we stayed in a executive room. Executive rooms at Hilton get you acces to the executive lounges which are like luxurious work/relax places . During the day they have a small breakfast, lunch and also a diner buffet at night. Drinks are all day available as where in the evenings you can also drink alcoholic drinks like wine, beer etc.

Hilton Rotterdam, the Netherlands














The rooms are very comfy. In the bathroom there is a scale, which can be pretty handy when you have to weight your luggage. Also the room had lots of places to put your stuff out in general. That’s one thing I normally hate about hotels, not having enough space to put my stuff. There’s a desk if you want to work from your room and a lounge chair to relax.














With our executive room we had two options for breakfast:
1. Executive lounge breakfast
2. Breakfast in the normal ‘Roots’ restaurant.

We choose the with the Roots breakfast first at 7 AM. To make a long story short, breakfast was perfect for us. Not too much choice, not too little.
Staff walking around asking you for refills of your orange juice, coffee or tea. There are different types of breads, sandwich spreads, eggs, fruits and some baked options like baked potatoes. It was very simple, yet good.

Overal we really enjoyed our stay in at the Hilton Rotterdam and would definitely recommend it!

Big thanks to Hilton Rotterdam you for the amazing Christmas themed stay!




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