Hotel review: Sunrise Resorts and Cruises, Egypt.

In June 2017 we did a collaboration with the Sunrise Hotel Group in Egypt.

The challenge was to photograph 5 hotels in 14 days, and we did it!
This was our first job as hotel photographers and we really loved it.

About the Sunrise Resorts and Cruises group in general:
*They have 9 hotels all over Egypt. Located in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam.
*They own 6 cruise ships for the ultimate Nile river cruise!
*They are the most awarded all-inclusive hotel group around the famous Red Sea.

In general we loved all the Sunrise Hotels. They have this formula where the staff is treating you like loyalty. Most Sunrise hotels also have shop in shops to buy souvenirs, perfumes, oils, snacks, clothes etc. The security is also very good, there’s no need to feel unsafe.

Food All Sunrise Hotels offer buffet food for breakfast, lunch and diner. They also have a la carte restaurants. Most of these (80%) are free, thats also the reason why we booked our first stay in Makadi Bay (April’17).
Other non-Sunrise hotels in Egypt offer a la carte, but they are mostly paid and have selective choices, 1/2 a la carte restaurants and thats it. With Sunrise, you have enough possibilities: Mexican, Indian, Asian, Greek, Fish, Vegan, Italian, Fusion and more!


The rooms are clean, beautiful, not to small, not to big. If you leave a small tip for housekeeping, you’ll probably walk into a room with a nice decorated animal made out of your dirty towels. Very nice.

Hotel Area

The animation teams in the hotels were really fun! For an all-inclusive formula you really get it al. The maintenance in every the Sunrise hotels is so on point. Even when we we’re sitting at the pool bar, and I wanted to be funny to throw water on Kishan.. the waiters came asap to clean the water from the floor… talk about those instructions!


The hotels we visited in June 2017:

1. Sunrise Garden Beach in Hurghada

This was our first hotel. Garden Beach is a friendly family hotel with two areas. One area is more calmly and focussed on adults, the other area is with the aqua park for families and children.

Sunrise Garden Beach and Sunrise Mamlouk Palace are next to each other and share a beach.
My favourite part in Garden Beach is the new restaurant.. Nasaya. It is such a romantic restaurant on the beach with a fusion kitchen. When the sun goes down it is the best spot for diner on the beach! Nasaya is the only a la carte restaurant at Garden Beach that’s paid.. but like.. I paid $6 for delicious Thai curry.





2. Sunrise Mamlouk Palace in Hurghada

Mamlouk palace is next to Garden Beach. It has a really long and beautiful pool. Mamlouk palace has this gorgeous set up botanical asian garden. Just walking there made us so happy. The main area is gorgeous, gave me these Egyptian palace vibes!



3. Sunrise Crystal Bay in Hurghada

WINNER of the Instaworthy hotel award, by me. Haha, most of my best shots on my Instagram were taken at Crystal Bay.
Crystal Bay is just another thing! It is next to Mamlouk Palace and Garden Beach but separates itself, and is not open for visits from the sister hotels. Sunrise Crystal Bay is all about privacy and luxury. I really loved the ambiance there. They have their own beach with adorable beach cabana’s. My favourite spot at Crystal Bay was this brand new fish (Felucca) + vegan (Roots) restaurant that just opened on this amazing pier.



4. Sunrise Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam

We really loved Sunrise Port Ghalib hotel in Marsa Alam. It is built up like this cute mini apartment city (used to be apartments before). Marsa Alam is also known for its beautiful coral diving riffs. The water is is amazing over there.. clear blue water. Also, when you walk around the hotel… the city of Marsa Alam and the boulevard are almost built in you could say? So it really felt like we we’re living in this cute little village, we liked the vibe!



5. Sunrise Holiday Resort in Hurghada City

Last but not least, Sunrise Holiday resort in Hurghada City. We we’re absolutely in love with the seaview on the gorgeous Giftun Islands. The hotel is built up with three towers and has it own private beach, is also very very close to Hurghada City.






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