Hotel Tugu Bali: an authentic 5 star Balinese Cultural experience.

Experience Balinese cultural history while staying at Hotel Tugu Bali, Canggu.

From the outside you would not say it… but the moment you walk through their entering passage and enter the reception/lobby if feels like you’ve entered another world.

After check in, we got a drink of our choice. Mine lemongrass tea (yummy) and Kishan took a beer in assumption that he had to pay for it after the reception staff offered him a beer. Well, no! This welcome drink was on the house and completely free, what a warm and nice welcome!

Every guest also gets a free 15 minute welcome massage, and I was so lucky to end up with a 30 minute welcome massage because Kishan gave his massage to me :)!

After enjoying our drinks in Hotel Tugu’s Bali beautiful lobby.. we we’re taken to our room.
My oh my, we had a gorgeous spacious room with private pool and outdoor bath… and all in authentic Balinese style.


Turns out the owner of Hotel Tugu Bali is a big fan of cultural Balinese art and antiques.
After we put our stuff in our room, we went back to the lobby for a hotel tour.
Little did we expected Hotel Tugu to be full of surprises!


They have so much art and antique items spread all over the hotel and even the desk(s) and other furniture that belonged to historical Balinese / Indonesian people like artist and rulers. What an honour to stay in such a magical place knowing we were surrounded by all these meaningful items.

Hotel Tugu Bali even has an antique shop where you can buy authentic Balinese cultural gifts.



Another thing we really enjoyed while staying at Hotel Tugu is how much thought they’ve put into making their guest comfortable. For example, Hotel Tugu says.. you can have breakfast anytime you want. Every guest has 1 breakfast every day. He or she can decide to have breakfast at 9, at 12 or even at 3pm if the guest feels like it.

Also, the guest can ask for the unlimited a la carte breakfast card to their room so they have breakfast in their room… or whatever place they want to in Hotel Tugu.



Hotel Tugu’s restaurant is called JI Restaurant. This restaurant blew my mind.

As you all know I am a big fan of interior design.. and I have this thing for colours in interiors.


Well, JI Restaurant was my favourite place to have breakfast and diner, it’s the combination of interior design and magical views of the Canggu Beach.


JI Restaurant is most famous their exceptional Japanse cuisine… mmmhh I get hungry while writing :).


On the image on the left you see my fiancé ‘chef in the making’ going to his favourite part of the restaurant: the kitchen to watch the chef prep meals.






Actually during our stay.. we had a semi-combined diner.
We decided to have our appetizers in the JI restaurant hut because we wanted to see the sunset.



Vegan Sushi from JI Restaurant, yummy!





After our sunset, we went down to the lobby of Hotel Tugu and continued with our main course there while watching a Balinese dance show.  I loved it!

Last but not last, as I mentioned before, Hotel Tugu Canggu does a lot to make their guest feel at home.
Everyday, Hotel Tugu Bali offers their guest a complimentary high tea.

From baked Indonesian goods to cupcakes and coffee.. you can have it all, what place of the hotel you’d like!


Lots of love to Hotel Tugu Bali for having us. We had a wonderful stay and will always remember the thought and care of your little gem hotel!

For more information about Hotel Tugu Bali, click here for the website and here for Instagram.


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