Kuala Lumpur’s pearls: Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon & Ambassador Row Suites


Kuala Lumpur is a gorgeous city with a ton of malls, good food and nice architecture to admire. One of the first things you’ll notice when in Kuala Lumpur are the big skyscrapers everywhere. And were we lucky to visit a luxurious skyscraper hotel.

We did a collaborations with Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Hotel (5 star) and their other property, the Ambassador Row Suites (4 star).

We were welcomed by the very friendly staff.  We initially were set to stay at a one bedroom apartment, but they gave us a upgrade to a two bedroom apartment, yeay!



So… You know that feeling when you enter a hotel room and it exceeds your expectations and you just run into the room and feel so happy. We had that several times at Lanson Place.

So first things first. We had a room at the 17th floor. We opened the door, left our luggage at the door because the first thing we saw was this enormous living room. And we run. I ran to the right part of the apartment and Kishan ran off to the left part of the apartment. After that, we crossed paths in the living & kitchen area and I ran of to the left part, and Kishan to the right part of the apartment.

Lol, the apartment is so spacious. Especially in our case since we’re looking at houses in the Netherlands we noticed we prefer apartments over ‘family style houses’. Living in gorgeous luxury apartments for a few days really made us happy.

So after we ran several times through this enormous apartment. We settled down and just enjoyed our lovely view of their olympic sized swimming pool.



Me and Kishan really love cooking and were really happy to enjoy cooking in this fully equipped kitchen with even an oven. And, not to forget, a very nice kitchen island to have a nice diner!

The apartment also has a washer and dryer. A dishwasher, hair dryer, weighing scale, iron, Sony audio boxes and a iPod Dock Station.Then after we fully settled in our room, it was time to go out and explore.. our hotel.

So on the 5th floor you have the olympic sized swimming pool. We went there first and just fell in love because the pool is so big, yet surrounded by these tall buildings. We liked it!Next to the swimming pool there’s also a fitness area, a meeting area, an area for yoga, a chill area to relax and even a children’s area for the little ones.

After we were amazed by this gigantic yet beautiful swimming pool, we decided to go up to the 48th floor where the breakfast was set to be.

Leaving the elevator unknowingly at the 48th floor left us speechless. For those who don’t know it already… I am a huge fan of interior design.

And my oh my, that 48th floor is designed like magic. What a gorgeous place to have your breakfast. So in the morning they serve breakfast for the hotel guests and after that, the area is open to just relax and enjoy the pretty views of the city and Kuala Lumpur Tower.

After the 48th floor.. we saw a pretty stair that went up.. I remember exactly how we walked up and when we came up, we literally were running ( no joke ) because we saw a pool table and even more beautiful interiors!

What a pretty pretty place was that and oh my..






Thank you for having us at Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon, after two wonderful nights we took of the their other property: Ambassador Row Suites.



Ambassador Row Suites Hotel is located in the Ampang area which is 5 minutes by car from the KLCC centre and other central areas.

Again we entered a nice one bedroom suite with kitchen, living area and a work space. The room is spacious and offers different facilities like microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine and more!

There’s also a fully equipped fitness area with sauna, a spa, lounge and during our stay, the swimming pool was under construction and I think it will turn out very nice :).

The thing we liked about Ambassador Row was the building architecture and the nice little areas you have to lounge and just relax.






At Lanson Place our breakfast was more modern/western style which we loved.

At Ambassador Row the breakfast is more asian style, yet with enough choice for western and asian breakfast lovers.

Overall at both properties we really enjoyed our stay. The staff is so friendly and they do everything to make your stay superb!

A big thanks to Lanson Place for hosting us and enjoying their beautiful properties!

For more visit: http://bukitceylon.lansonplace.com/ &   http://ambassadorrow.lansonplace.com/



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