Luxury Skincare at it’s finest: EMK

EMK is on of those brands I was so excited to work with. EMK is founded by professor Emilia Karsh. She is one of the pioneers in placental research. Since 1970 she has been formulating different EMK formulations and her intensive research lead to some great discoveries in the skin care field.

Nowadays EMK is well known by celebrities and established dermatologists as a worldwide leader in anti-aging botanical placenta skin care.

Why? EMK cares a lot about integrity. They don’t compromise the quality of their formulas and spent years of intensive research to get to the products they have today!

EMK believes in the power of pure, active plant placenta. They use natural BIOPLACENTA ®  to bring out the best of our skins. The products are fragrance free, paraben free and gentle on the skin.


So you can imagine how excited I was to try out their products.
I had contact with EMK Malaysia and was so fortunate to try the following products:

1. Bloom Toner   (200 ml $44)
2. Rescue Serum    (30 ml  $195).
3. Optima Face Cream   ( 30 ml  $90)
4. Guard Sunscreen SPF 30   (45 ml $42)

Whooo, exciting right!
You might be a little scared of of the price, I was also at first. But honestly.. see for yourself in the reviews. It’s better for your skin to invest in 1 good natural product then 10 cheaper products filled with cheap chemicals. I used to buy the 10 shitty products… used to….
Right now I’m focussing more on natural high end products and using less of these products products with far better results.

So lets continue right now to the results!
I tried EMK Malaysia’s products for 3 weeks straight.

First I used the Bloom Toner, let it sit for minimum 2 minutes to fully absorb into my skin.
Second I continued with the Rescue Serum, again let it sit for minimum 2 minutes.
Third I applied the Optima Face Cream, let it absorb into my skin.
And last I ended with the Guard Sunscreen.


EMK Bloom Toner

The Bloom Toner is one of EMK best selling products. You would think why right? What is so special about a toner?

Yes, I thought the same at first. I’ve had my fair share of toners as a skincare addict, but every time I got disappointed by not noticing any results after applying these toners.
With EMK it’s different.

The Bloom Toner price wise is $44 for 200ml, like 38 euro. You’d think that’s expensive right but think about the other toners you might bought that all did not worked.

Long story short I was pretty much amazed by this toner and understand why it is a best seller. I would buy it again because I LOVE IT!



The Bloom toner claims to hydrate and clarify your skin. It is in a big spray bottle but I sprayed it on a cotton pad and then applied it to my face.
I heard so much goodness about the EMK Bloom Toner so I decided to first test the Bloom Toner separately for 5 days and then start using their other products.
The Bloom Toner is a toner, tighter and makeup remover in one. It refreshed and leaves your skin radiant looking while gently lifting dead cells without taking away your skin’s moisture.

Every evening after my face wash, I sprayed the Bloom Toner on a cotton pad.
So in those first 5 days I noticed my skin:
– looked brighter
– looks more hydrated

After those 5 days I started combining the other 3 products.
The Bloom Toner is the only product is used twice a day (morning and evening) and in the evening I applied pure organic coconut oil after the toner.

In the next 3 weeks with all EMK products I noticed:
– I was looking in the mirror more often at my skin WITHOUT makeup. It just looked way better,  my complexion, my dark undereye circles and dark spots faded away. Very happy!

The Bloom Toner can also be used as a lightweight makeup primer for those interested!

*Good to know: paraben and lanolin free.



Rescue Serum    

The Rescue Serum is also known as the ultimate repair treatment.
It is a very silky restoration serum with the highest concentration of EMK’s BIOPLACENTA ® .

Not just your regular serum no!  The Rescue serum has been an ‘911’ elixir in facials to help with the skin repairing proces while it also works on reduce irritation, redness and even signs of post-surgical face treatments!

The Rescue Serum has high dosages of Vitamine A, C and E plus Superoxide Dismutase. Superoxide what? That helps to protect your skin from free radical damages.
Same as the toner I noticed some really nice results while using the serum. The one that I noticed the most was the glow I felt that I had every time I applied this serum.
Because I have been travelling so much in Asia I also became a lot darker then I normally am. And for some reason I also felt a little lighter after using the serum regularly.

Overal my skin looked brighter and fresher after using the Rescue Serum. I am a big fan!

*Good to know: paraben free, fragrance free, lanolin free and anti-pollution.



Optima Face Cream

The Optima Face Cream is a product widely loved by celebrities like Madonna and Eva Longoria. It is a rich lightweight plant nourishing cream that focusses on dull, dry and stressed skin.
Good for celebrities but even better for us! The average people!

The Optima Face Cream smoothes your face and plumes the skin with rejuvenating hydration. Lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable and your skin wil start to look more firmer.

What I personally really liked about the Optima Face Cream is that is an unique botanical mix of vanilla, coffee bean and cocoa. It smells so good!

Every time I applied this face cream I was just enjoying the smell and felt imediately hydrated as I have a natural dry skin. Also the pluming that EMK claims is strongly visible. It looks like my skin has never been dry after using this face cream and highly moisturised. A big yes!

*Good to know: paraben and lanolin free.





4. Guard Sunscreen SPF 30
Sunscreens are one of those products that get me so excited. Mostly because my mom has amazing skin and always swears to using sunscreen. As a young little girl I have been following her ‘golden tip’ like crazy and the more natural and rich my sunscreen is. The better my day is!
EMK’s Guard Sunscreen was actually a product I was so happy to test out because it has a clinically proven HD-SHIELD and UVA/UVB sun protection.

It has HYDRAPEAL HYBRID to release vitamins and antioxidants to fight wrinkles, discolouration and loss of firmness in your skin due to UV damage.

Its also a non greasy formula that melts on your skin giving you a smooth, flawless look. Can also be used as a makeup primer like the EMK Bloom Toner.

*Good to know: paraben free, fragrance free and anti-pollution.



Overal as you can see, I’ve written about EMK with much love. I love this brand and love their ingredients. They are a little more expensive then the usual but you get it back and it is so much more worthy of your pennies. I will definitely buy more of their products in the future and will use them with lots of love!


Thank you EMK Malaysia for letting me try out these products. A new ambassador has born :)!


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