Montigo Resorts: hotspot in Seminyak!

Looking for your next place to be in Seminyak? Try Montigo Resorts Seminyak!

 Montigo is the place to be to just relax, chill and hang out.

It is located very wise within Seminyak. The city centre is a 5 minute scooter drive, the beach is 5 minutes, a lot of shop and restaurants on walking distance and litteraly located behind the famous Potato Head Beach Club in Bali.


After check in, we were brought to our suite by the staff. The bathroom was enormous and the bed was huge! We we’re staying in the garden balcony suite with a lovely, like home feel to it.




Montigo Resort Seminyak has it’s own restaurant called ‘TIIGO’ which is one the places where we had the best authentic Indonesian cuisine. We were helped by the staff… I wish I knew the name of the boy who helped us.. but oh my, he was so kind and funny and really made us feel warm welcomed :)!

I ordered a ‘Gado Gado’, which is a populair Indonesian dish with lots of vegetables, tofu and/or tempeh and peanut sauce dressing… it was so much but so delicious!


Kishan had a dish with duck… I cannot remember exactly what the name was but he also loved his meal… and even though I don’t eat meat.. this dish is presented really well.



Appetizers while having a candlelight pool-view diner.



On the second day we were pampered in the Montigo Spa. After we entered the spa, we first got a spa tour by the therapist and after, we enjoyed a relaxing Balinese massage. The spa was pretty full and I can understand why :).



Another really nice thing of Montigo is, next to their 3 swimming pools and extremely friendly and welcoming staff.. their ‘streetview pool’ as I might call it.
This is the first pool between the reception and the main street as you enter Montigo Seminyak.
We stayed at Montigo in June 2018 but I remember walking past this pool on the main street in March 2018.  I remember I thought ‘wow this is such a cool place to be and I will definitely visit here in June as we were in Seminyak for only 2 days in March 2018’.
Who would have thought we’d collab :)?

This pool is absolutely one of Seminyak’s chill/street hotspots for those who just want to lounge or soak in the sun while enjoying some nice trendy music.


Lots of love and a big thanks to Montigo Resorts Seminyak for their sweet hospitality
and having us. You made our stay very memorable!

More Montigo? Visit their Website and Instagram!




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