PROUD PHUKET: a memorable stay with character.

Located on a 10 minute drive from Phuket Airport at Naiyang Beach you have Proud Phuket. A luxury boutique hotel that offers everything you need for your relaxed holiday.


Proud Phuket is designed with white and orange interior tones and after entering the lobby, you will find so many more insta worthy hidden spots.
Upon arrival we were welcomed by their friendly staff and taken to our room.
You can choose between the normal rooms with a balcony or rooms with pool access.
We were lucky to get a pool access room that we enjoyed for 3 nights!



The room itself is in the pretty white and orange interior tones. On the bed you have their signature turtle which you will see coming back in different aspects at the resorts, nicely done! The room has a normal shower, and a big bathtub to relax after a long day.



Apart from the comfy room, Proud Phuket offers several other activities to create the complete package. For example, you can do a traditional morning monk offering, take a relaxing picknick on the beach or enjoy their delicious Thai cooking class.
Right behind Proud Phuket you have the local market which is our tip to visit if you want to experience some local Thai food or just check out local items.


We were a little unfortunate with the weather as it was raining a lot so we could not do the picknick on the beach but we did enjoyed a nice, delicious Thai cooking class and learned more about Thai food.



During our cooking class we made Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai. Dishes I saw everywhere but had no idea what they meant.

So.. Tom Yum is the famous Thai soup that you can find all over Thailand in different variations.
We made one with shrimp and as I am a vegan, mine vegan.  When the Tom Yum Soup was done, both me and Kishan enjoyed a dish that exploded with flavours and is so easy to make.


After that we continued with dish #2. Pad Thai.
Pad Thai is another, very famous, Thai dish made with rice noodles, mine vegetarian and Kishan’s Pad Thai with chicken. It is a local, very popular dish that is easy and quick to make!





During our stay at Proud Phuket we were lucky to enjoy a lunch and a diner at their ANG KU Teahouse restaurant.  And how I loved this place.  The food tasted good! You have enough options, but the interior is what made me fall in love the most with ANG KU Teahouse.
I can write so many good things but just check the upcoming pictures.. do I need to say more?










I loved it! The white tones, the flowers, the food, the staff!
A good spot for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice fancy lunch / diner .. or some tea!


During our stay we were pampered at their Nyonya spa. This is always nice to relax and become zen.
The spa therapists are friendly and did a very good job.  They use local ingredients and combine Asian techniques with Western quality standards.
Keep an eye open when you visit because they might have some good promotions going on.



Ok.. so I always knew mosquitos love my blood. I don’t know why, I never use perfume (no joke, maybe one every 2 months lol) but they always know how to track me down.
Indonesian mosquitos I can handle, Malaysian mosquitos I can handle.. but Thai mosquitos.. I cannot handle! I got bitten by a mosquito on my right thigh.. I will spare you the pictures but believe me when I said it was BAD. My leg, I could barely walk.. it was hurting, itching, swollen so big, probably as big as my head……… yeah I’m not kidding. At some point I got worried.. I showed it to the staff at Proud Phuket and they brought me to a hospital right away

To make a long story short.. it could have been dangerous but I was at the hospital on time so it could be treated with antibiotics and some other medicine. After that, the staff was so friendly and caring.


They kept checking on me and how it was going and advised me different Thai balms to use, that could help with the swollen part.

Anyways, as you can imagine.. after that bite.. you won’t see me wearing shorts or shorter dresses. All long clothes to protect myself from those mosquitos..  even mosquito spray does not work for me (it does for Kishan, I’m so unlucky). So anyone who’s reading this.. be prepared and protect yourself for mosquitos! Better safe than sorry.

Proud Phuket also has a really nice rooftop lounge to relax. It opens in the evening and is a good alternative if you don’t feel like taking a bath at night in your room :).

Overall, we really loved our stay at Proud Phuket. It is such a nice place to relax, the staff is so friendly, the breakfast by the way was yummy! The hotel itself is designed so well, it is well maintained, you have so many Instagram worthy shots hidden everywhere, a nice spa, lounge areas, you name it!



Thank you so much for having us Proud Phuket and taking such good care of us!




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