Ren Skincare : say no to chemicals and waste!

In this week’s blog I was so fortunate to try out some of REN Skincare’s products while traveling.
While I was travelling in Malaysia, I always saw this skincare shop called Kens Apothecary and wanted to buy all the brands they sell, including REN Skincare.
REN Skincare focusses on bio-active ingredients since 2000. Their products contain 100% plant-and mineral-derived actives to boost your skin’s for a younger complexion.
They have a clear statement: Say NO to harsh chemicals and NO to waste.

Now that’s something I like.

With REN it’s all about simplicity. No nasties, looking good + doing good = feeling good – REN.
REN also has a goal to be zero waste by 2021. Meaning 100% recyclable packaging, refillable solutions and so much more to work towards a waste-free future.
Whatever you want, REN has it all. A very wide product range from face to body products like toners, primers, hair care, bath oils etc.

After meeting up with one of REN Malaysia’s representative at Kens Apothecary, I received the next products to review in travel sizes:
– Express make-up remover (Rosa Centifolia line)
– 3-in-1 cleansing water (Rosa Centifolia line)
– Gentle Cleansing Gel (Evercalm line)
– Flash rinse, the 1 minute facial
– Flash defence, the anti-pollution mist
– And on my special request, a travel size Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic.


So a lot of cleaning products as you can see. I never really looked that deep into the ingredients of my cleansing products but now I am happy with this whole stash as I have seen my skin complexion getting brighter and more toned!

To start of I used the double cleansing method every night with REN’s Rosa Centifolia Line products. The Rosa Centifolia is a cleansing line for all skin types, the ultimate basic to have. They offer different products in this range from a foam, exfoliating cleanser, gel and balm to my express make-up remover and 3-in-1 cleansing water.

What I personally like about this line is the simple products they offer and the soft rose scent.  At first, I start with the Express Make-up Remover. This is a silky make up remover that takes away all your make-up from waterproof to long-wear. It has Rice Bran oil to hydrate and smooth your skin and helps to minimise your pores!

After that, I continued with the 3-in-1 Cleansing Water as a tonic. This is just the extra cleansing your skin needs as I always see some excess dirt coming of on my cotton pad while using this cleansing water. Results: a fresh and clean looking skin, I love it!



Then what I did was continuing with my special request product: the Daily AHA Tonic.
And oh my, I love this product so much. I noticed after using this, it does tingles a little on my skin but after usage, I look in the mirror more often and feel like my skin has this glow. Wow, this product literally gives you the glow we all been searching for. I also noticed I am wearing less and less make-up (which is one of my goals) because I am enjoying this glow so much!


Then after a few hours, it is time to use the REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Spray!
I never knew anything about this product until I got it.
So this spray is a mist that shields and protects your skin from environmental pollution and free radicals that are outside. In my case, especially in Bali, this was perfect with all the exhaust gasses from the cars and scooters.

Then, every 3 days I have been using REN’s Flash Rinse, the 1 Minute Facial with water activated vitamin C. This is a cool product and I like it since I don’t always have the patience to keep a mask 10 minutes on my head.
REN’s Flash rinse facial is made for all skin types to improve with the signs of fatigue and revitalising your skin complexion. I like the ‘water activated vitamin C’ part the most as I really feel like my skin looked brighter after 2 weeks usage (4 times in 2 weeks).




To end,  I will talk about the Gentle Cleansing Gel (Evercalm line). The Evercalm line is specially designed for sensitive skin. REN offers a cream, cleansing milk, serum, mask and gel and I have tested out this gel every morning. You only need a little pump to cover your face and have a smooth, non-irritated and non-dry skin as a result. Again, another very basic, yet effective product that does what it says.


Overall I really enjoyed using REN”s products and have seen improvements in my skin complexion after 2 weeks usage. Brighter and a more toned skin.
I am very impressed with the Ready Steady Glow, Daily AHA Tonic because of that glow everyone is looking for! This product gives it to you, and so quick!
So REN left me very curious to know how the other REN products will work on your skin as to moisturiser, serums, toners etc.


Big thanks to REN Skincare Malaysia for the products!


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