Sanctuary Spa: luxurious and pampering to the max!

If there’s one brand that impresses me with their unique body and skin formulas, it will be Santuary Spa. While travelling in Thailand I was so fortunate to receive 9 (!!) products from this lovely brand! What a happy surprise :).

Sanctuary Spa was born out of love. In 1977 in Covent Garden, a man, madly in love with his wife, a ballerina established Sanctuary Spa. It is originally designed for the ballerinas of the Royal Opera House to relax, unwind and recover. The formulas are all based on luxurious impressions and designed to nourish your skin in it’s best way!

Today, Sanctuary Spa offers a wide range from body to skincare products.


In this blog I will be reviewing;
Body products:
– Hot Sugar Scrub
– Luxury Bath Float
– Long Lasting Moisture Oil Scrub
– Wet Skin Moisture Miracle
– Charcoal Detox Shower Burst

Skin products:
– Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water
– Thermal Charcoal Detox Mask
– Radiance Exfoliator
– Warming Detox Charcoal Wash



Hot Sugar Scrub
Sanctuary Spa’s Hot Sugar Scrub is probably the product I liked the most. As the name says.. it is hot, yes hot, sugar scrub. It’s a thermal scrub to deeply cleanse your skin and leave you with refined skin.  The Hot Sugar Scrub contains kaolin clay, fine organic sugar to cope with your dead skin cells and it will leave you with a velvet-soft skin.

An award winning scrub and I can understand why.
It is a true sensation using this scrub and feeling how it warms up on your face/body.
Can I scrub myself everyday? Especially the cold winters? Love this product!


Luxury Bath Float
For those who can’t get enough of pampering yourself in a good luxurious bath.. this is your product. The Luxury Bath Float leaves you with clouds of fluffy bubbles! It contains vitamine E, freesia flowers and baobab! While I had my bath, my body is being nourished by all the ingredients and I ended with baby soft skin after. What a joy!


Charcoal Detox Shower Burst
This is another product that just surprised me instantly. The Charcoal Detox Shower Burst is a purifying and cooling cleansing for your body. It contains charcoal and menthol. What happens is when you use the foam at first, it comes out as a black gel and once you touch it, to spread all over your body… it turns white! Oh my god!
And the results? A super soft feeling skin, wow what an invention Sanctuary Spa!


Long Lasting Moisture Oil Scrub
This scrub moisturises your skin up to 4 days! It is a smoothing body scrub that is a luxurious blend of salt crystals, organic olive oil, shea butter and gold of pleasure oil leaves limbs. Leaving your skin smooth, soft and hydrated up to 4 days.

Because I have very dry legs, this was the perfect product to try out the moisturising effects of this scrub and yes, after the first day I already saw that my legs just looked more hydrated.. wow!

Wet Skin Moisture Miracle
This is another invention of Sanctuary Spa I really like. So we’re all busy and we have have zero time every morning prepping for work.  This Wet Skin Moisture Miracle helps you with that problem. No time to moisturise in the morning? No problem. This product has to be applied on your wet skin to moisturise on the quickest and fastest way.


Sanctuary Spa’s Wet Skin Moisture Miracle is designed to hydrate your skin on it’s peak moment (when it’s wet) and it has been proven clinically to lock in double hydration for softer and smoother skin. It is like an ultra moisturiser. I really enjoyed this product as it saves me time and my skin feels so smooth!! It’s something I can really get used to :).



Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water
As you might already have figured, Sanctuary Spa is always looking for ways to improve on our daily habits. This Foaming Micellar Cleaning Water is anther product with those improvements. It is a very quick way to remove your make-up.
The Foaming Micellar Cleaning Water foams so well that it removes your make-up so smooth and quick! No need to rinse this cleanser of as it also contains rose water for a toning substitute and nourishing organ oil.
For me, because I was mostly using this while traveling in Asia for 3,5 months.. this is a perfect and easy to use product!


Thermal Charcoal Detox Mask
A 5 minute thermal face wash with charcoal that helps draws out impurities, pollution and excess oils without leaving your skin dry. This clay based Thermal Charcoal Detox Mask has become on of my weekly pampering masks as again.. I just love how soft and clean my face feels and looks after!


Radiance Exfoliator
Sanctuary Spa’s Radiance Exfoliator is designed to leave you with instant brighter, smoother and more radiant looking complexion.
As I have been traveling through Asia for 3,5 months.. and become a lot darker than my usual skin colour.. this was the perfect product for me to try if it really makes me brighter. The Radiance Exfoliator is a apricot gel with grape seed exfoliation particles.

After my first usage, it was hard to tell if I saw a brighter skin.
After my second usage I did notice that it felt like my skin complexion became a little lighter.
After my third usage I did saw a small lighter complexion.

Another thing I noticed after my third usage (in 1 week), was that my skin was looking like it was glowing more. Something I personally really enjoy!


Warming Detox Charcoal Wash
This Warming Detox Charcoal Wash is a deep cleanse warming daily face wash. For some reason I really like it when a product gets hotter once it touches my skin. The face wash contains charcoal for deep cleansing and foams very good to clean your skin.

After I use this face wash, it leaves my skin feeling so clean.  I think it’s because of the thermal warming effect combined with charcoal.  It also takes away oil excess very good. I just love how clean and pure my face feels and looks after!


A big thanks to Sanctuary Spa for pampering me with your amazing products.
I really enjoyed every product!

More Sancturay Spa?
Visit their International Website or Thai website.



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