Superior stays at SenS Ubud


For two nights we had the opportunity to stay at SenS Hotel & Spa, Ubud City Centre.

They also have another hotel based 10 minutes from Ubud town, in the middle of the rice fields called SereS Spring Resort. In June 2018 we’ll take a peek there because we already want to go back to Ubud so bad.

We were welcomed by the staff, they really gave us the warm asian hospitality feeling which is a good thing!

During check in, we got welcome drinks, cake and some towels to clean our hands. After that we were taken to our room.

SenS hotel also offers shuttle services to different places in Ubud, like the famous monkey forest, really handy because getting around in new places can be tricky sometimes.

In the middle of the hotel there is a pretty swimming pool but unfortunately I was lightly injured by my ankle, so unfortunately I could not dive in the pool.


By the way: beware for a really nice, unexpected moment when you enter that elevator, my oh my, see for yourself!



The room itself is simple, yet chic and also smart!
That is something I really liked. They really took in thoughts when it came to designing the room. There are enough drawers to put your stuff, you can iron your clothes, their is a desk to work, a sofa to lounge and of course, a gorgeous big and comfy bed!

And, not to forget, a gorgeous glass bathroom, and a shower curtain for privacy lol, but oh so pretty.


















The one thing we really LOVED about SenS is their food.

The breakfast itself was really nicely done. You have enough choice when it comes to Asian and Western food. Several cereal and fruit choices and some sweets.

For lunch, I ordered a simple pasta with cream sauce and parmesan cheese.
And how did I loved that pasta! Guess what, for diner the next day I had the same, and so did my fiancé!My fiancé kept talking about how he was going to order it again a few hours later for room service but we were still so full, but oh men, thinking about that pasta makes me hungry and happy again.

Unfortunaly…. We did not took a picture of our pasta because you know when you cannot wait and want to eat right away?
Yeah, we had that… the food is really good at SenS! We will definitely come back just for that pasta only.

A bit thanks to SenS Hotel Ubud for their warm hospitality and hosting us these two nights. We can’t wait to visit SereS Resort in June, stay tuned for that.


For more about SenS check:


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