SereS Springs Resort Ubud: a divine place in Bali.

In March 2018 we had te opportunity to visit SenS Resort in Ubud, I’ve wrote an article about our stay here. In June 2018 we got invited to stay at their sister hotel: SereS Springs Resort and Spa.


As you can see, SenS Hotel is more city like and their SereS Spring Resort and Spa is focused on tropical serenity and the holistic charm of Ubud. SereS Spring Resort and Spa is located a 10 minute drive from Ubud town between Bali’s iconic terraced rice fields.


After a warm check in, we were taken to our room. Again, what we’ve expected from the SenS Hotel Group. A nice cosy room with lots of place to put your belongings and a glass wall bathroom. A gorgeous bathtub outside and poolside acces + views to enjoy forever!

SereS offers a complimentary daily shuttle service between their sister hotel in downtown Ubud, SenS, and other sight seeing places in Ubud!

As you can read in our SenS article from March 2018 me and Kishan were a big fan of SenS Pasta with cream sauce! So again, this stay we made sure we’d have it, and this time, do take a photo of our dish :)!



Another thing I really liked about our stay was walking past this gorgeous wedding chapel.
Now this is a nice place to have your wedding!

Thank you so much SereS Springs Resort and Spa for having us in June.
We had a delightful stay and enjoyed the beauty of nature.

More information about SereS?
Website   //   Instagram


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