Sugarbelle: a luxury cruelty free Malaysian make-up brand.

Founded in 2014, Sugarbelle is a Malaysian cosmetic brand that is fairly new on the market, yet is doing a very good job! Sugarbelle aims to provide great service and easy products that highlight that beauty comes from within, you only need your perfect makeup essentials!

Why I personally really like Sugarbelle Cosmetics is because of their homegrown label is paraben free, halal, vegan and cruelty free!

Sugarbelle offers a wide range of products from face, eyes, lips to perfume and scrubs!
I had the opportunity to review the next products for you:
– Peel Off Gold Mask (bestseller!)
– Ink Tense Liquid Eyeliner
– Lengthening Mascara
  Absolute Matte Lip Cream in Summer and
– Coffee Beans Scrub with Honey
– Cotton Candy Lipscrub
– Magic Liquid Cleansing Water

So a whole range of good goodies as you can see!

The product I was most excited to try out was their Peel Off Gold Mask.

I saw so many videos on Instagram where people tried this product and loved it so had to have the experience myself! It’s an luxurious anti-aging treatment to help improve your skin.

Directions are simple, just apply a good amount on your face, let it dry and then peel it off gently.

Results: A smooth and soft even looking skintone that glows!

Liquid gold mask substance


I was very happy with the Ink Tense Liquid Eyeliner and the Lengthening Mascara as I did research and turned out all my other mascara brands were not  all cruelty and paraben free.

The Ink Tense Liquid Eyeliner is a very easy eyeliner that stays on my eyelid all day.
Lots of people always used to ask me how do I do my eyeliner so beautiful? My answer has always been really simple: find yourself a good applicator.
I’ve had several eyeliners where the application was so irritating that my eyeliner looked really bad. Find yourself a good applicator.. and voila.. slaying your eyeliner has never been more easy!
And my golden tip: always apply as little as possible as we all end up applying more. No big black chunks on lash lines.


Continuing with the Lengthening Mascara, a duo mascara where you first apply a coat, number 1,  to your dry eyelashes and continue with number 2, the fibre in the middle of your lashes.  Then end with number 1 to seal the fibres from falling off :)!
Fiber is a product that is used in lots of mascaras due to its naturally long and voluminous lashes effects.
The result: long voluminous lashes that are by the way so easy to clean after!


So since we’re talking about cleaning makeup.. I also tried Sugarbelle’s Magic Liquid Cleansing Water. After a day wearing Sugarbelle’s makeup, this Magic Liquid Cleansing Water does wonders to take of your makeup in a simple, quick and smooth way.
No double cleansing, just one time. It has a slight rose smell to it due to it’s rose extract so after I’ve applied the Magic Liquid Cleansing Water on a cotton pad and cleaned my face.. it leaves my skin smelling so nice and hydrated.




Then, I also have the Absolute Matte Lip Cream in Summer (down) and Affection (above)

I have always been a fan of liquid lipsticks so knowing that there’s a brand that sells them paraben free was a big plus for me.

Also this Matte Lip Cream comes with argan oil so it helps with cracked lips and takes care of your lips.

As we all know, liquid lipsticks are most likely to stay all day looking fab.

That is also the case with Sugarbelle’s Absolute Matte Lip Cream. Even after I ate, my lips still looked fab!





And to finish.. I was also spoiled with Sugarbelle’s  Coffee Beans Scrub with Honey and Cotton Candy Lipscrub. About 2 to 3 times in a week, after the Magic Liquid Cleansing Water, I used the Coffee Beans scrub on my face and body and the Cotton Candy Lipscrub for my lips.

The Coffee Beans Scrub with honey smell so delicious! Coffee and cocoa!  I actually never tried a coffee scrub before (always see people on IG with them) but now I understand why they like it.
It’s like having a good cup of coffee with chocolate while scrubbing yourself ahaha. After the scrub, your skin feels so heavenly soft and smooth so you can imagine that I already emptied this scrub lol.

And actually the same for the Cotton Candy Lipscrub. This scrub smells heavenly like Cotton Candy and leaves your lips so smooth and moisturised! . A smell everyone loves! After one week I did noticed my lips looking slightly more pinkish, a big yes for me!


A big thanks to Sugarbelle for letting me try out their products and write about them. I really enjoyed it and will def get me some more Sugarbelle goodies whenever I am back in Asia again!

More Sugarbelle? Website and Instagram


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