Victoria Home, your luxury vacation home: Platinum Suites


Three nights me and Kishan had the opportunity to stay at this amazing Platinum Suites apartment in Kuala Lumpur hosted by Victoria Home.

Victoria Home is your new next homestay when visiting Kuala Lumpur. They are operating in 11 apartment buildings in strategic areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Together they cover 107 suites, and counting!
Victoria Home aims to make your short term rental feel like a homestay, with apartments that offer equipped kitchens, living area’s and even your own washing machine, talk about luxury at your fingertips! Depending on your stay, they also have partnered up with some local merchants to make your experience even better.

So….. after our check in we ran of to our room because that is something we always do when excitement strikes us after walking into the impressing Platinum Suites lobby.


So our first impression.. we were amazed by this super nice one bedroom apartment and it felt like we were entering our home. The apartment is designed in a modern and chic style. The bathroom is all beautiful marble and there’s a really cute living room. Behind the living room you have the bed so it was really nice to watch tv from our bed.

We loved this apartment so much that we did not even wanted to leave.We literally only left for some groceries from the supermarket in the mall when you cross the street (I know, lol).

So all we did those three nights….. we went to the supermarket for groceries (read: popcorn and chocolate) and came back to just enjoy the apartment and relax. We watched Netflix all day and fell asleep with the curtains open while dreaming away with the beautiful sight of Kuala Lumpur city.

What an amazing view we had from our room, really breathtaking.

Even better.. sleeping with our curtains wide open watching Kuala Lumpur go to sleep, and wake up!

We barely left the Victoria Home Platinum Suite because we loved our apartment so much and I haven’t even begun about the rooftop infinity pool views.

So, when you enter the 51th floor prepare yourself to fall in love with the beautiful view of the city, the Kuala Lumpur tower and the Petronas Twin towers. During day ánd night.

The infinity rooftop pool makes everything even better. What’s better than swimming in an infinity pool while enjoying such a magical view. On the 51th floor of the Platinum Suites building there is also an fitness center and lounge area, also again, designed very well.

Just recently a new restaurant opened on the 51th floor which will give you an amazing dining experience you won’t forget anytime soon.




Overall, as you might have read already.. we loved everything about our stay.

Our apartment felt like home, a good bed, good shower, good kitchen, good washing machine, HDMI cable to connect my latop to the big screen, yes they thought about everything!

Thank you so much Victoria Home for this amazing stay!

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We stayed at the Platinum suites but they have more apartments selected in Kuala Lumpur where you have the luxury of home while on holiday!


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