Wunderbath: Malaysia’s finest bath sensation and more!


As the name Wunderbath says, you can expect some really nice bath experiences from this Malaysian brand.

Evelyn Marieta is the owner of Wunderbath and went from nutritionist to bath scientist when she could not find her own lip balm in vibrant colours. In her spare time she was spending hours experimenting with food ingredients, how to make cosmetics and bath products that are toxic and chemical free.. and voila. Wunderbath was born!

Wunderbath is all about bringing some humour to our daily rituals and taking good care of ourself with the products that we use on our skin :).



I was so fortunate to review the next products for you:
– Kuih Muih Soap
– Vault in our Stars Bath Bomb
– Lightbulb body butter
– Lipstain in Wunderwoman
BOINK treatment oil


Kuih Muih Soap
‘Kuih Muih’ is a popular Malaysian sweet dish that Wunderbath has transformed into a cute, amazing smelling soap.This Kuih Muih soap has a delicious coco – panda scent and when using.. you will defininetely get hungry craving more :).Personally I am a big fan of everything coconut scented so using this soap has been a really great pleasure for me.


Vault in our Stars Bath Bomb
This is Wunderbath most innovative bath bomb just yet, SLS and paraben free, even vegan!
Vault in our Stars in a romantic bath bomb with a fabulous rose scent to it.This cute bath bomb contains a small vault necklace as your gift when the sizzling and swirling is over.

After I took my bath, my skin felt silky soft and I was smelling like a walking rose all day. Yeay, I liked it very much.


Body butter in Lightbulb
Another thing I love are luscious, skin melting body butters. Meet the Lightbulb body butter. It is an lightning body body for dull and dry skin that is Vegan, paragon and fragrance free.

The Lightbulb body butter contains shea butter, papaya, lavender, lemongrass extract and more goodies for radiant silky soft skin.The Lightbulb body butter is such an soft body butter that melts on your skin. It has an delicious smell to it and keeps my dry legs hydrated through the day. Very happy with this product!


Lipstain in Wunderwoman

This lip stain has become one of my new favourites also due to it’s good price (RM 18.90 / 4,- ).
Wunderbath has a variety of different, all natural made, lip stains to preserve the best care for your lips, while having them tinted in your favourite colour.

Click here to check out all the different shades.

Wunderwoman lip stain is a fuschia pink colour with a soft mint flavour to it. The lip stain contains vitamins E, shea butter, jojoba oil and rose hip seed oil. Sounds like music to my ears.
I used to have baby pink lips but overtime they got darker and I did saw a significant different in the tone of my lips getting slightly lighter after 1 week usage. Overall I’m very happy and excited to see where this will go!




BOINK Treatment Oil

Personally I am a big fan of any type of oil for your skin since my skin is normal to dry.
Wunderbath’s BOINK Treatment Oil is an multi purpose oil that can be used on body, skin and hair.

It’s blended from rose geranium, lavender, rose hip and jojoba oil.  The BOINK oil also contains coconut oil and vitamine E .Again, ingredients that make me feel good!


I use the BOINK treatment oil on my hair (ends) as an leave in after washing and noticed my hair did not felt oily due to the non greasy formula of the BOINK Treatment Oil, that’s a good thing!

I also apply the BOINK Treatment Oil on my face as a moisturizer and leave it for 1 minute before I apply my sunscreen. Again, because of the formula this oil functions as light oil that absorbs into your skin. Because of that the BOINK oil does not leave your face looking oily throughout the day.
After two weeks of BOINK’s face oil every morning, I did notice that my face started to brighten up which is a good thing because I get dark so quick when I’m exposed to sun!



Overal concluding I am a happy Wunderbath customer.
I tested our their products with joy and feel happy with the results. Especially the lip & face brightening is a big yes for me! Thank you Wunderbath for letting me test your lovely products!

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